Using the PREPARE/ENRICH Couples Report

What is in the Couple’s Report? 

The Couple’s Report is simply a subset of pages taken from the detailed Facilitator’s Report. It includes the following sections:PREPARE/ENRICH

  1. Introduction and Table of Contents
  2. Summary of Strength and Growth Areas
  3. Relationship Dynamics: Assertiveness, Self Confidence, Avoidance, Partner Dominance
  4. Personal Stress Profile
  5. Couple Map
  6. Family Map (when applicable)
  7. SCOPE Personality Section

What is not included in the Couple’s Report?
The Couple’s Report does not include sensitive information about abuse or how each person responded to actual inventory items found in the detailed Facilitator’s Report.

Do I have to use the Couple’s Report?
The simple answer to this question is “no”. As PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator you decide whether you will use or not use the Couple’s Report. If you feel it will somehow interfere or distract the couple from the process, you can choose to go through the exercises in the Couple’s Workbook without giving them a copy of the Couple’s Report.

If you have reservations about using the Couple’s Report, consider the following:

  • Provide pages of the Couple’s Report only as they are relevant to the material being covered in each meeting or class. This reduces the likelihood of unrelated questions or distractions being raised by the couple. For example: they will be less likely to raise questions about the SCOPE personality section while you are trying to cover the Personal Stress Profile and related exercises.
  • Hold onto the Couple’s Report until the end of the feedback process. This allows couples to tune into your feedback and the exercises without feeling overwhelmed or distracted, but they leave the process with a summary record of their PREPARE/ENRICH results.
  • Select certain pages or just the portion of the Couple’s Report you feel will be most helpful to the couple. You are not required to give them the whole report if you do not feel it will be productive for the couple.

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