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How to plan successful family meetings and why they’re important

Guidelines for family meetings

  • Agree on a regular time and place when everyone will be available and decide roughly how long meetings will go for.
  • Encourage each family member to take their turn when speaking for a set time, discouraging others from interrupting and taking over the conversation. This will demonstrate the importance of giving others time and space to talk.
  • Use love, praise and empathic listening when vulnerable hopes or fears are shared, so as to show acceptance and non-judgement.
  • Having a focus for these meetings ensures everyone understands the aim and sets a sacred space for the conversation. You might like to make it the same with each meeting, or alternate focus topics each time.

 Discussion Ideas

  • What was one thing this week/month that you’re proud of for yourself or someone in the family?
  • What have you been struggling with or have found challenging this week/month?
  • Share a goal or dream you’re currently working on or hope to start working on.
  • Share a lesson you’ve learned from this week/month and now know how you would approach it differently if it were to happen again.

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