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What is your plan for how you will financially prepare for life together?

Financial management is often a source of conflict for couples, causing tension when there isn’t enough, when it isn’t allocated correctly, and when there are different ideas surrounding its purpose.

Recognising the way in which money can strengthen your relationship

Money has the potential to become a point of contention in your relationship; be proactive and begin to understand how money influences the relationship you have with your partner.

Begin to understand how you and your partner relate to money – and how that, in turn, impacts your relationship – by asking “Why?” Ask to understand, not to judge yourself or your partner.

Can generosity and giving strengthen your relationship?

Discuss the practical aspect of money – income vs. expenses – and the responsibilities that come with it

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Financial management is often a source of conflict for couples.

What outside factors impact intimacy?

Intimacy is more than sex and affection

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