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The PREPARE/ENRICH Parenting Version guides couples through the challenges of parenting and the intersection of marital and parental dynamics, raising awareness and building relationship skills. The Parenting Version empowers parents providing them with insight into their parenting style, family dynamics, and couple relationship. The Parenting Version is best used with any committed couple whose primary concerns are children and parenting issues.

"PREPARE/ENRICH Parenting puts you at the intersection of marital and parental dynamics and equips you to offer help, hope, and healing."- Ron L. Deal, LMFT, LPC, author of the bestselling book The Smart Stepfamily and coauthor with David Olson of The Remarriage Checkup

Goals of the Parenting Version

  • Explore strengths and growth areas as partners and parents
  • Strengthen communication with your partner and children
  • Identify and manage parenting stress
  • Discuss parenting styles and how you work together as a team
  • Resolve couple and parenting issues
  • Increase parenting confidence and satisfaction

Parenting Content 

Standard PREPARE/ENRICH couple scales adapted for the Parenting Version:

  • Parenting Stress Profile
  • Co-Parenting or Step Parenting
  • Family Spiritual Beliefs (optional scale)
  • Family Map

Scales that are unique to the Parenting Version:

  • Five Parenting Styles - Global
  • Five Parenting Styles - by Child
  • Confidence in Parenting
  • Child Behavior Issues Checklist
  • Family Communication
  • Family Satisfaction
  • Relationship Satisfaction by Child
  • Communication Satisfaction by Child

In addition to the parenting report content, new workbook exercises were designed to help couples better understand themselves, their partner, and their parenting. Some of these exercises include creating a wish list for parenting, establishing a balanced parenting style, and designing a weekly family meeting.

"It brings to light dimensions of parenting that couples aren't always aware of, especially when distressed. Also, it is good that it addresses the complexities of stepfamilies. I especially like the 'Parenting Styles'- very useful."

Getting Started

For Parents:

  • To get started with the Parenting Version of PREPARE/ENRICH, you will need to locate a qualified facilitator of relationship and parental education. PREPARE/ENRICH Certified facilitators can be located in your area by contacting PREPARE/ENRICH or by using the search facility on the website:

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For Facilitators:

  • To get started with the Parenting Version of PREPARE/ENRICH, you will need to become PREPARE/ENRICH Certified by attending a Workshop.
  • Once trained or if you are already a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, Contact Us to activate the Parenting Version in your facilitator account.
  • The cost to activate the Parenting Version is $40

* From August 2017, the Parenting Version is included in the new Facilitator Training package.

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