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Couples Together

The Group Edition of PREPARE/ENRICH is designed to bring couples of various relationship stages together in one group can lead to a dynamic experience for all. Engaged couples benefit from the realism and interpersonal learning that happens when they witness how other couples cope with life’s stressors, honor their commitment, grow, heal, and express themselves. Engaged and dating couples reenergise those around them with their hope and optimism.

Group edition reports are now available for all completed couples. To upgrade your account to include the PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program materials and third report for couples, please email us at The one-time fee of $50 upgrades your PREPARE/ENRICH account, giving you online access to the Instructor's Guide (PDF), and the new Couple's Report - Group Edition, and the Instructor's PowerPoint. When offering PREPARE/ENRICH in a group format, you will use these resources to encourage discussion and effectively structure the feedback for a group setting.

Activate the group edition here: Activate the Group Edition

In a comprehensive review of eight Marriage Preparation Education Programs (MPEP) by Geniel Childs (2009), the PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program ranked first in Content with a score of 92% and the Instruction Process score was 90%. The overall Content Score of 92% was based on four criteria: theory and research (97%), context (82%), practice (96%), and premarital predictors (88%). The overall Instruction Process score of 90% was based on two criteria and the scores for those two areas for Teaching Plans was 88% and for Presentation was 92%.


The PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program lends itself well to a retreat format as it allows for a combination of teaching, small groups, and break-out time for couples. The Group Program outlines ten sessions but you may use only the sessions that work for the time you have. The first session is written as an introductory session and the last as a wrap-up. All other sessions need not be delivered in consecutive order.

Program Details and Resources:

Instructor's Guide: This 32-page PDF file outlines the process and steps you need to be successful with the PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program. Each of the sessions includes an ice breaker, group discussion questions, teaching points, a couple exercise, guided wrap up questions, and closing suggestions. Choose a handful of topics, or complete all ten sessions - it's flexible and up to you to decide what will work best in your setting. 

Session Topics Include:

  • Sharing Strength & Growth Areas
  • SCOPE Personality
  • Personal Stress Profile
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Management
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Sexuality, Romance & Affection
  • Closeness & Flexibility
  • Final Wrap-Up Session

Getting Started

  • To get started with the Group Edition of PREPARE/ENRICH, you will need to become PREPARE/ENRICH Certified by attending a  Workshop.
  • Once trained,  Contact Us to activate the Group Edition in your facilitator account.
  • The cost to activate the Group Edition is $50*

* The Group Edition is not included in the new Facilitator Training package.

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