P/E Checkup

P/E Checkup - a shorter version of the popular PREPARE/ENRICH assessment with one report format

The announcement of P/E Checkup represents the latest in a series of new developments intended to better support you as champions working to build stronger marriages and healthy relationships. Our goal is to provide valuable tools to help you do what you do more efficiently and effectively. We appreciate your feedback in any form and are actively incorporating the insights you have shared into our near and long-term plans. Your passion for stronger marriages and healthier relationships is why we exist. As such, we are continuously brainstorming ideas and developing new resources that will either:

  • Enable you to do more in your work with couples;
  • Make it easier to do the work that you are already doing.

Adding P/E Checkup as a shorter, but facilitated assessment.

In our listening to Facilitators, we learned of several use-cases where P/E Checkup would provide a useful solution:

  • A recently trained Facilitator who feels overwhelmed with depth of content and multiple reports involved with PREPARE/ENRICH. 
    Solution: Try P/E Checkup to gain confidence using an assessment and understanding the results.
  • A Facilitator desires a more user-friendly report to work through assessment results in a group setting. 
    Solution: Try P/E Checkup for its single report format, which simplifies the process for the Facilitator and is more comfortable for couples.
  • Marriage mentors use PREPARE/ENRICH under the guidance of a Certified Facilitator, but have varying levels of training and experience. The Facilitator prefers a less intensive assessment option to provide as a tool to marriage mentors. 
    Solution: P/E Checkup can be used under the guidance of a Certified Facilitator by those who have not completed PREPARE/ENRICH certification or who may be less experienced in working with couples, such as marriage mentors. 
  • A P/E Facilitator has used Couple Checkup in the past and found the assessment and report useful, but the logistics made facilitation with couples difficult, whether one on one or in a group. 
    Solution: Since P/E Checkup is essentially the same content as Couple Checkup with the facilitation logistics of PREPARE/ENRICH, this Facilitator could try P/E Checkup in this situation.

In summary, we added P/E Checkup to provide more flexibility for a variety of contexts. We encourage you to continue giving us feedback so we can better serve you and the couples in your community.

Compared to the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment

The P/E Checkup is a simpler assessment, in that there is one report which can be used by the Facilitator and can be easily interpreted by the couple. P/E Checkup does not, however, offer the same comprehensiveness and depth of insight into a couple that is generated by the full P/E assessment.

P/E Checkup includes:

  • Core couple scales
  • 7 items per scale (vs. 10 in P/E)
  • Some customisations
  • Couple Report

P/E Checkup does not include:

  • Commitment scale
  • Abuse scale
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Personal Stress Profile
  • Facilitator Report
  • Group Edition Report

When could P/E Checkup be used?

P/E Checkup is designed primarily for relationship education and enrichment, but can be used in premarital counseling, with marriage mentor couples, or with any couple in your community. P/E Checkup is not ideal for couples in crisis (use: PREPARE/ENRICH) or those whose main issues are parenting (use: Parenting Version).

Getting Started

You must be a Certified Facilitator to administer the P/E Checkup. If you are not already trained, go to www.prepare-enrich.com.au/upcoming-workshops/ to view training opportunities. To get started using P/E Checkup as a Certified Facilitator, simply login to your Certified Facilitator account and select P/E Checkup from the Add a Coupledropdown menu.

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