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Identify your unique strengths as a couple, learn about your growth areas and build on your relationship skills.

PREPARE/ENRICH is a customised couple assessment completed online that identifies a couple's strength and growth areas. It is one of the most widely used programs for premarital counselling and premarital education and is also used for marriage counselling, marriage enrichment, and dating couples considering engagement. Based on a couple's assessment results, a trained facilitator provides 3 or more feedback sessions in which the facilitator helps the couple discuss and understand their results as they are taught proven relationship skills.

The Couple Assessment is only $46 (inc GST) per couple plus the facilitator fee.
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Or alternatively, Take the Couple Checkup!

The CoupleCheckup is an self-administered online couple assessment based on the PREPARE/ENRICH couple inventories, designed for couples at any stage of their relationship (dating, engaged or married). Couple Checkup is a fun, easy way to take a closer look at your relationship, increase relationship strengths, and above all – spark meaningful conversation between you and your partner. Couple Checkup provides additional insights and discussion prompts about various relationship topics…
and best thing of all, it’s only $42 per couple. The goal for CoupleCheckup is to empower couples to deal with issues on their own and to emphasise prevention over remediation.

The Couple Assessment is only $46 (inc GST) per couple plus the facilitator fee,

Why should you Assess Your Relationship with the #1 relationship assessment tool?

For over thirty years, PREPARE/ENRICH has led the way in helping couples explore and strengthen their relationships. The main component of the program is an online survey you each complete in about 30-45 minutes. PREPARE/ENRICH is not just any survey. The items you respond to are based on research and are intended to help you identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of your premarital or married relationship. You'll meet with a facilitator trained to provide feedback by helping you understand your results and learn important relationship skills. Built on a solid research foundation, PREPARE/ENRICH has been improved and refined over the years to become one of the best, most effective, easy-to-use relationship assessment tools available.

Over 3 Million Couples Assessed!

Couples Assessed

Over the last 40 years, the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment has empowered and energised more than 3 million couples. PREPARE/ENRICH is the premier couple inventory and assessment tool used nationally and internationally.

PREPARE/ENRICH will help you and your partner:

  • Identify strength and growth areas
  • Explore personality traits
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Resolve conflicts and reduce stress
  • Compare family backgrounds
  • Comfortably discuss financial issues
  • Establish personal, couple, and family goals

PREPARE/ENRICH assesses these areas of your relationship:

  • 12 Relationship Scales - communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexual expectations, finances, spiritual beliefs, and more
  • 5 SCOPE Personality Scales
  • 4 Couple and Family Scales - based on Circumplex Model
  • 4 Relationship Dynamic Scales
  • 30 Customised Scales

PREPARE/ENRICH is a sophisticated instrument that must be interpreted by a trained counsellor or by your certified marriage educator, pastor, priest or marriage mentor.


Rigorously Tested for Both Reliability and Validity

Historically, the items and scales in PREPARE/ENRICH have been rigorously tested for both reliability and validity, with excellent results. The national norm base is very large and a couple typology with premarital and married couples has been developed and validated with various ethnic groups. The norm base used is typically about 100,000 couples.

The PREPARE/ENRICH program is designed to assist a variety of professionals (mainly counsellors, educators and religious celebrants) working with premarital or married couples. Professionals who have been trained and accredited to use the PREPARE/ENRICH materials in Australia are called Facilitators. For a couple, after being invited to participate and having the program explained to them, the first step is to take on-line the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH in order to provide a self-report description of their relationship.

22 Areas Assessed

As well as providing important demographic and background information for a couple, 22 areas are assessed and individual and couple responses in these areas are summarised in reports made available to the Facilitator:

A. Significant Issues for Couples (10 scales):

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Partner Style & Habits
  • Financial Management
  • Leisure Activities
  • Affection & Sexual Expectations
  • Family and Friends
  • Idealistic Distortion
  • Relationship Roles
  • Spiritual Beliefs

B. Relationship Dynamics 
(4 scales): 

  • Assertiveness 
  • Self Confidence 
  • Avoidance 
  • Partner Dominance 

C. Couple and Family Map 
(4 scales): 

  • Closeness and Flexibility of Family-of-Origin 
  • Closeness and Flexibility of Couple Relationship/Marriage

D. Personality 
(4 scales)

  • Social
  • Change
  • Organised
  • Pleasing
  • Emotionally Steady

Couples also answer questions about STRESS and, depending on their circumstances answer questions about cultural/ethnic issues, interfaith/interchurch issues, parenting issues, cohabitation issues, forgiveness issues, commitment issues and issues arising from a previous marriage.

Using the PREPARE/ENRICH Couples Report

Feedback materials includes a Facilitator's Report and a Couple's Report. The 10 page Couple's Report includes the Core Categories and Couple Type, the Couple and Family Maps, the SCOPE Personality scales, and the Personal Stress Profile.

The Couple’s Report includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction and Table of Contents
  2. Summary of Strength and Growth Areas
  3. Relationship Dynamics: Assertiveness, Self Confidence, Avoidance, Partner Dominance
  4. Personal Stress Profile
  5. Couple Map
  6. Family Map (when applicable)
  7. SCOPE Personality Section

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