What did you most enjoy about your relationship today? 5 minutes a day can transform your relationship

By taking time each day to talk and focus on your partner can make a huge difference in the short and medium term. Used to increase intimacy, daily dialogue is designed to activate discussion, discovery, and increase the overall quality of your relationship.

Consider the Couple Checkup, a tool designed to help you and your partner build a more satisfying and intimate relationship. The Couple Checkup evaluates up to 25 important areas in a couple’s relationship including: couple and family systems, personality and age and stage of relationship.

Adapted from, the Couple Checkup evaluates important areas in a couple’s relationship including eight core scales (i.e. communication, conflict resolution, role relationship and sexual relationship), four couple and family system scales (closeness and flexibility), five personality scales (based on the Big Five Personality Scales), and between four and eight specific scales relevant to the age and stage of the couple based on background questions ( i.e. cohabiting, children from previous relationship, and intergenerational issues).

Source: PREPARE/ENRICH Discussion Guide for Couples. Buy a copy today, only $20.

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