Communicate assertively, take responsibility for your own feelings and actions, and focus solely on the issue at hand

It’s important to resist the urge to bring up past experiences that have already been resolved and reopen them for discussion. Acknowledge the current disagreement and
work through the conflict by actively listening to your partner. Respect your partner, remember you are on the same team, and know it’s okay to take a time out if you need
to. While embracing the conflict and dealing with it can be uncomfortable, it can ultimately bring you closer as a couple.

PREPARE/ENRICH Tips and Reminders: Using Playfulness and Humour

Ordinary, mundane and fleeting moments of humour and playfulness that couples experience in their everyday lives together may have a great impact upon the health of their relationship. Such moments may provide a foundation for handling more significant events such as handling conflict.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Tips & Reminders

A "Facilitator Feedback Guide" which outlines 8 feedback sessions is available when you log in under "Standard Feedback Materials". This guide provides an example of how to organise feedback sessions with your couple, by listing topic areas as well as corresponding Workbook and Homework pages.

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