When you forgive or are forgiven by your partner, do you experience a sense of relief?

Forgiveness is the decision or choice to give up the right for vengeance, retribution, and negative thoughts, and is the starting point for healing and reconciliation. Forgiveness can facilitate a process that promotes healing and relief when working through deep hurts.

Communication is key in discussing everyday lack of thoughtfulness and deep routed hurt but most importantly, putting effort into the process of forgiveness can bring about positive change.

Putting effort into the process of forgiveness can bring about positive change

If you exaggerated the act of forgiving in your relationship for a period of time – even just a week – you may see how often it happens. Here’s an example: you forget to start the dishwasher after dinner and there are no clean coffee cups for your partner to have their morning cup of coffee… you take responsibility for your action and apologise. Your partner acknowledges your efforts and forgives you, and then you forgive yourself. By going through the amplified motions, you’ll see how effortlessly you already incorporate forgiveness into your relationship.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Seeking and Granting Forgiveness

All couples eventually experience times of conflict, hurt, and letting each other down. Sometimes the offense is as minor as forgetting a date or failing to run an errand. For some couples, the offense might involve a major betrayal such as infidelity, addiction, or abuse. Either way, taking time to seek and grant forgiveness can play a powerful role in healing and restoring the relationship.

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