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Intentional Parenting: 8 ways to be intentional with the time you have to spend with your family

Many people make resolutions around their own lifestyle changes that will improve their quality of life. While we tend to make unobtainable goals, many people still have a go, and some succeed. Researchers call this feeling the “fresh start effect”. They have found that we tend to motivate ourselves into good habits by using a new beginning (like the start of the week, month, year, season, etc.) as a marker to put past behavior behind us and focus on being better. It brings opportunity to reflect on the previous year and anticipate what you want the New Year to look like.

Helping couples navigate life transitions

Getting engaged. Moving in together. Combining finances. Getting married. Becoming parents. Changing careers. Moving to a new city. Adjusting to an empty nest. Retirement.

Balancing relationship roles is crucial for all couples, and particularly important for remarrying couples

Exploring relationship roles and a remarrying couple’s expectations about how decision making and responsibilities will be shared is vital, and assists understanding each others preferences for traditional or equalitarian roles in their relationship.

Cultural issues: Tips and Insights for Facilitators

Relationships in general are challenging, and coming from different curtural backgrounds can create its own set of challenges. As intercultural marriages continue to increase, it's important to acknowledge and understand how different cultural backgrounds are likely to impact marriages and family life of the couples you work with.

How PREPARE/ENRICH works for couples with ethnic and cultural differences

Did you know that in 2016, 31.6% of couples married were born in different countries, and 13.9% were born in the same overseas country. 54.5% of couples married were both born in Australia (ABS, 2016).

Happy International Women's Day 2018: Challenging Stereotype and Bias

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Thank you for your passion and work to have a positive impact on relationships and families

PREPARE/ENRICH has helped over 4 million couples in the past 35 years and without your support and belief in the mission to build strong marriages and healthy relationships, this could not be possible. Thank you for your passion and work to committing to having a positive impact on relationships and families.

Overall, PREPARE/ENRICH is an excellent tool with substantial evidence supporting its reliability and validity

Recently, PREPARE/ENRICH was reviewed in the Twentieth Edition of the Mental Measurements Yearbook (2017), which is the most widely acclaimed reference series in education and psychology, designed to assist professionals in selecting and using standardised assessments.

Couple Flexibility and Couple Closeness are most important for step-parents

In a study in the US using >50 thousand premarital couples (both partners), whose marriages were about to create a stepfamily, an important discovery was the role in conflict resolution.

Encourage couples and professionals to focus more on the strengths of marriage, especially remarriage and the creation of stepfamilies, rather than only problems

In 2010 David Olson, Amy Olson-Sigg & Peter Larson carried out a study in the US using >50 thousand premarital couples (both partners), whose marriages were about to create a stepfamily. The survey identified the Five Keys to Intimacy, which is made up of the top five strengths that clearly distinguish great relationships from unsatisfying ones, along with the Top Ten Strengths of Happy versus Unhappy Couples Creating Step Families.

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