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Make a commitment to evaluate your next conflict

Conflict is inevitable in relationships, but if dealt with in a healthy, productive, and respectful way, it can bring you closer as a couple and make your relationship stronger.

Conflict dealt with in a healthy, productive and respectful way can bring you closer

Conflict is inevitable in relationships, but if dealt with in a healthy, productive, and respectful way, it can bring you closer as a couple and make your relationship stronger.

There is no sense in trying to have a discussion if you’ve already made up your mind before you have started

The development of skills can all to easily become over-shadowed by the feedback process. Aiming for a balanced approach in which feedback and the development of skills (e.g. good listening skills and constructive ways of handling conflict) are both valued is a good goal.

Communicate assertively, take responsibility for your own feelings and actions, and focus solely on the issue at hand

It’s important to resist the urge to bring up past experiences that have already been resolved and reopen them for discussion. Acknowledge the current disagreement and work through the conflict by actively listening to your partner. Respect your partner, remember you are on the same team, and know it’s okay to take a time out if you need to. While embracing the conflict and dealing with it can be uncomfortable, it can ultimately bring you closer as a couple.

Remarrying couples: Negotiating your own roles and the roles and rules for their biological and step children

Encouraging individuals to discuss their expectations with regard to children, what happens now, how that might change and more importantly how the couple and children might feel about those changes is important.

2015: What are your short-term and long-term financial goals?

Budgeting is simply the process of allocating expenses on a regular basis. A good #budget is simple, realistic and clear. It builds in some personal control for each family member. In creating a realistic budget, focus first on the most basic needs like food, housing and clothing. Second, focus on what you would like to purchase in the future.

2015: Commit your Relationship to Growth

More often than not New Year’s resolutions are about losing weight or hitting the gym on a more regular basis. This year, make a resolution that really matters — commit your relationship to growth and resolve to make your relationship even better.

Guidelines for Supervising Marriage Mentor Couples: Research has demonstrated that a good premarital program can help a couple get their marriage off to a better start

All Marriage Mentor couples must be trained and directly supervised by a professional counsellor, lead couple or clergy member with solid experience in marriage education, certified in the PREPARE/ENRICH Program.

PREPARE/ENRICH Dramatically Reduces Divorce Rate by Two Percent

Pre-Marital Mentoring Programs using PREPARE/ENRICH Dramatically Reduces Divorce Rate to Two Percent - 2005. Since 1995, South Hills Church of Christ in Abilene Texas, under the leadership of Pastor Robert Oglesby, has offered a premarital mentoring program based on PREPARE/ENRICH.

PREPARE/ENRICH Program has a Significant Impact using Marriage Mentors with Couples

Research indicates that the PREPARE-ENRICH program offered by marriage mentors to 1,070 low income couples over a four year period had a very significant impact in improving the couples’ relationship. 62% were married and 38% were premarital couples.

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