Is conflict resolution a possible Strength Area for a couple?

Conflict Resolution is a couples ability to discuss and resolve differences and is also how effectively they are able to share opinions, ideas, and feelings with their partner, even during times of conflict.

Poor Conflict Resolution can become more problematic over time

Conflict Resolution is your ability to discuss and resolve differences. Also how effectively you are able to share opinions, ideas, and feelings with your spouse, even during times of conflict.

How does non-verbal communication contribute to dealing with conflict?

Choose your attitude and behaviour, communicate openly and consider your non-verbal stance, expression and situation. This creates trust and intimacy.

Accountability can be the reason couples fail to reach a particular outcome

When couples put effort towards something, it can be helpful to foresee outcomes. Whether they work through the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment results in its entirety or section by section, articulating outcomes now and being mindful of them along the way will help guide toward finding success through this journey.

Next time a conflict comes up, take time to discuss how you dealt with the disagreement

Since it often takes time to learn new strategies and because conflicts organically develop, make a commitment to evaluate your next conflict.

Ask couples to focus solely on the issue at hand

When dealing with conflict in a couples relationship, it's important that they resist the urge to bring up past experiences that have already been resolved and reopen them for discussion. Acknowledging the current disagreement and working through the conflict by actively listening is a great goal.

Are your couples ready to discuss their relationship? Pick a day where emotions are calm

The development of skills can all to easily become over-shadowed by the feedback process. Why not aim for a balanced approach in which feedback and the development of skills (e.g. good listening skills; constructive ways of handling conflict) are both valued?

Move forward when both partners can confidently answer: Yes. They are ready to move ahead.

How is my relationship going... answer these 10 questions and find out

Daily Dialogue is an intentional effort to talk about your relationship, rather than discussing your activities that day. The focus of daily dialogue is on your feelings about each other and your lives together.

Beyond daily dialogue, taking time to discuss deeper more intimate details about your feelings is also important towards increasing intimacy.

Helping couples strengthen their relationship remotely

As many organisations close their doors, schools close and public places deserted, many of us are forced to remain home and practice social distancing. With that, anxiety levels rise, fuses become shorter and frustration prevails - our routines are turned upside down and additional stress is placed on relationships and families leading to spikes in demand for family and relationship services.

The need for relationship education is escalating, service access is becoming more limited because of the increased lock-down and social isolation. Providers of support services must adjust to the conditions and search for innovative ways of working, to help those facing adversity - from the comfort of their own homes.

Suggested Ground Rules for Online Group Sessions

The PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program lends itself well to an online format as it allows for a combination of teaching, demonstrating and discussion. The Group Program outlines ten sessions that may used in sequence, depending on the items that have been raised by the group. The first session is an introductory session and the last as a wrap-up. All other sessions need not be delivered in consecutive order.

The group experience with other couples is designed for couples to learn from each other and to also discuss issues as a couples. Because much of the information is personal, the online experience will create some positive tension. This sharing and learning together can help build a sense of community... even while online.

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