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Couple-to-Couple Mentoring: Study shows that couples with strong marriages may be able to play a significant mentoring role for less satisfied couples and become even stronger in the process

Sixty married couples took the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory and were divided into three groups: mentors who had strong marriages, distressed couples who wanted to be mentored, and a control group. The marriage mentors were trained on the PREPARE/ENRICH Program and used the ENRICH Couple Inventory and feedback focusing on 7 topics:

Guidelines for Supervising Marriage Mentor Couples: Research has demonstrated that a good premarital program can help a couple get their marriage off to a better start

All Marriage Mentor couples must be trained and directly supervised by a professional counsellor, lead couple or clergy member with solid experience in marriage education, certified in the PREPARE/ENRICH Program.

PREPARE/ENRICH Dramatically Reduces Divorce Rate by Two Percent

Pre-Marital Mentoring Programs using PREPARE/ENRICH Dramatically Reduces Divorce Rate to Two Percent - 2005. Since 1995, South Hills Church of Christ in Abilene Texas, under the leadership of Pastor Robert Oglesby, has offered a premarital mentoring program based on PREPARE/ENRICH.

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