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Financial Stress and Premarital Couples

An Australian study has shown that there is a strong link between experience of financial hardship and personal psychological distress (Creed, P.A., & Miller, J. Psychological distress in the labour market: Shame or deprivation? Australian Journal of Psychology, 2006, 58, 31-39). One point made by the authors is that financial distress reduces a person’s capacity to plan and interferes with planning for a meaningful future. It is this that primarily reduces psychological wellbeing.

The golden rule of budgeting: Spend less than you earn and save and invest the rest

Money is a powerful word that conjures up a number of emotions, among them lust, envy, fear, anger, hope, scorn and disgust. Little wonder then, that the most common source of disagreement in families in Australia is money. According to a 2012 study (Hawkins et al) 40% claimed that the way their spouse handles money, was the reason for divorce (third to growing apart 55% and not able to talk together 53%.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Relational Aggression

Sadly, some romantic relationships involve regular aggressive episodes and premarital couples are no exception to this possibility.  Indeed, some premarital couples' idealism and preoccupation with marriage plans may mask concerns about aggression. Many couples in this situation simply think that things will improve after they are married.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Wedding Stress

Differences and disagreements are as inevitable in wedding planning as they are in marriage itself. This is a good time to learn how to deal with them. Here are some strategies you might find helpful to work through with your wedding plans or to discuss with the couple you are working with:

PREPARE/ENRICH: Managing Expectations in Marriage

Expectations about love and marriage have a powerful impact on relationships. To a large degree, you will be disappointed or happy in life based on how well what is happening matches up with what you think should be happening. All married couples start out hoping for and believing they will experience the very best. Problems arise when these hopes and beliefs are not based on reality.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Impact of families of Origin

Each one of the PREPARE/ENRICH assessments provides an opportunity to work with couples perceptions of their families of origin.  In particular, it is worth exploring the possible impact of extreme, or unbalanced family structures on how couples are likely to approach their own relationship.

Top 5 Misunderstandings about the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH (5)

Myth 5: With the Online version, partners will collude in their on-line responses

Top 5 Misunderstandings about the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH (4)

Myth 4: I need to get recertified to use the new Customised Version.

Top 5 Misunderstandings about the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH (3)

Myth 3: Using the online system is not as secure.

Top 5 Misunderstandings about the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH (2)

Myth 2: I will somehow lose personal contact with my couples if I have them take the inventory online.

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