Idealistic distortion

Tips for PREPARE/ENRICH facilitators (1): Navigating Problems Associated with Unrealistic Expectations - Anticipate a Surprise

When couples hit the inevitable challenges of marriage, they may be tempted to believe that they have made a mistake and “the one” must still be out there somewhere. The truth is there are likely several people on this earth with whom one could have a successful relationship.

Almost intoxicated by love, engaged couples are often known for being infatuated with one another. They tend to be confident that they’ll never have problems or that existing problems will just fade away with time, they’ll never question their love, never experience a drop in romance, and already know everything there is to know about their partner. They truly are love struck.

PREPARE/ENRICH Tips and Reminders: Idealistic Distortion

What is Idealistic Distortion? Idealism is the “act or practice of envisioning things in an ideal form.” Idealistic Distortion is the tendency to see a relationship in an overly positive manner - i.e. seeing the relationship through rose-coloured glasses.

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