Working with Cohabiting Couples Intending to Marry

Australian Bureau of Statistics information indicates that the proportion of Australian men and women cohabiting before marrying has increased threefold since 1977:

  • 1977 - 25% of couples cohabited before marriage
  • 1987 - 42% of couples cohabited before marriage
  • 1997 - 65% of couples cohabited before marriage
  • 2007 - 77% of couples cohabited before marriage
  • 2010 - 79% of couples cohabited before marriage
  • 2016 - 81% of couples cohabited before marriage

Articulate relationship outcomes and put them where they can be seen

When couples put effort towards something, it can be helpful to foresee outcomes, and articulating those outcomes (relationship and family outcomes) and being mindful of them along the way will help guide the couple to find success through their relationship journey.

Couple-to-Couple Mentoring to Strengthen mentee and mentor Marriages

Couple-to-Couple Mentoring is proven to enhance the Mentors marriage also

A study in the US has shown that couples with strong marriages may be able to play a significant mentoring role for less satisfied couples and become even stronger in the process. (McClurkan, J. S., The effect of couple-to-couple-mentoring on weak marriage relationships. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003).

The Marriage Mentor couple must know their limits when working with couples

The recruiting and selection process for Marriage Mentor Couples is very important, thus the following 5-step process has been developed.

Guidelines for Supervising Marriage Mentor Couples

All Marriage Mentor couples must be trained and directly supervised by a professional counsellor, lead couple or clergy member with solid experience in marriage education, certified in the PREPARE/ENRICH Program.

Pre-Marital Mentoring Programs reduces divorce rate by 2%

Pre-Marital Mentoring Programs using PREPARE/ENRICH Dramatically Reduces Divorce Rate to Two Percent. Since 1995, South Hills Church of Christ in Abilene Texas, under the leadership of Pastor Robert Oglesby, has offered a premarital mentoring program based on PREPARE/ENRICH.

Programs have a Significant Impact using Marriage Mentors with Couples

The PREPARE-ENRICH program was offered by marriage mentors to 1,070 low income couples over a four year period, 62% were married and 38% were premarital couples.

When you create your goals, make sure they are realistic and clearly stated

This year, my wife and I have set goals for ourselves individually, as a couple, family goals and work goals. Sure, COVID and the usual hiccups and distractions have gotten in the way... but our review cycle and progress tracking has remained unchanged. We continue to discuss progress in all the obvious areas such as finances, career, sex, time together, time with friends and family... but what we always find is that our couple goals are what makes up most of the discussion.

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