Research on Couple Types based on PREPARE and ENRICH

The Five Types of Married Couples study identified five distinct types of married couples from a sample of 6,267 couples, using the marital inventory ENRICH. Profiles were derived using a three-stage cluster analytic procedure, including an exploratory cluster analysis, a replication of the exploratory results, and a cross-validation. The five-cluster solution was robust. Vitalized couples (12%) reported high relationship quality on all dimensions. Harmonious couples (11%) had relatively high relationship quality. Traditional couples (16%) had scores that were slightly above average with markedly higher scores on parenting and religious scales. Conflicted couples (25%) were characterized by moderately low scores on all but the roles scale. The Devitalized couples (36%) had the lowest scores on every ENRICH dimension.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Conflicted Couples - Explore Family of Origin

As shown in a previous article, there can be little doubt that the experience of family of origin is an important area for investigation among couples taking PREPARE. A booklet by Dr Alan Craddock (National Coordinator of PREPARE-ENRICH Australia and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, The University of Sydney) has been written solely for PREPARE-ENRICH Administrators.  This booklet is entitled Origins: Family Experiences of premarital Couples and has three main aims:

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