Suggested Ground Rules for Group Sessions

The PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program lends itself well to a retreat format as it allows for a combination of teaching, small groups, and break-out time for couples. The Group Program outlines ten sessions but you may use only the sessions that work for the time you have or items that have been raised by the group. The first session is written as an introductory session and the last as a wrap-up. All other sessions need not be delivered in consecutive order.

Suggested Ground Rules for Group Sessions

  1. Everything shared in the group is confidential. Confidentiality means not sharing or discussing any information learned in the group with anyone other than your partner.
  2. All sharing with other couples in the group is voluntary. There are opportunities for discussion with other couples in the group. (This is a gradual process that will increase as the level of trust improves.) Individuals and couples should never feel forced to share with the group.
  1. When sharing in the group, speak for yourself and not your partner. Each person should speak for themselves and not for their partner. One way to remember this idea is to make “I” statements rather than “we” statements. For example, it is acceptable to say “I feel” or “I think” but not “We believe”.
  1. Before sharing about your couple relationship, first “check it out” with your partner. Persons should specifically ask their partner before sharing something personal about their relationship.
  2. The goal of the group is to learn and to have fun together.

The group experience with other couples is designed for you to learn from each other and to also have fun together. Because much of the information is personal, it will create some positive tension that can facilitate humorous situations. This sharing and learning together can help build a sense of community.

The Group Edition of PREPARE/ENRICH is designed to bring couples of various relationship stages together in one group can lead to a dynamic experience for all. For example, engaged couples may benefit from the realism and interpersonal learning that happens when they witness how other couples cope with life’s stressors, honour their commitment, grow, heal and express themselves. Engaged and dating couples reenergise those around them with their hope and optimism.

Order the Group Edition Now

Group edition reports are now available for all completed couples. To upgrade your account to include the PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program materials and third report for couples, ORDER HERE or email us at The one-time fee of $50* upgrades your PREPARE/ENRICH account, giving you online access to the Instructor's Guide (PDF), and the new Couple's Report - Group Edition, and the Instructor's PowerPoint. When offering PREPARE/ENRICH in a group format, you will use these resources to encourage discussion and effectively structure the feedback for a group setting.
* The Group Edition is not included in the new Facilitator Training package.

#PREPARE/ENRICH is a customised online assessment tool that identifies each couples unique strength and growth areas. Based on their assessment results, a facilitator provides feedback sessions, helping couples to discuss and understand their results while teaching them proven relationship skills.

For more information on PREPARE/ENRICH or to simply set up a couple on the tool, please contact: or call today (02) 9520 4049 #prepareenrich

The Group Edition of PREPARE/ENRICH is designed to bring couples of various relationship stages together in one group can lead to a dynamic experience for all

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