Health and Wellness Scale explores health-related relationship challenges couples face as they get older

The PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment offers a Health and Wellness scale, exclusive to couples over age 55. The Health and Wellness scale explores health-related relationship challenges couples face as they get older.

A Health and Wellness scale page has been added to the Sample Facilitator Report that Certified Facilitators receive in their Resource Kit. 

To review, this scale examines a couple's challenges and attitudes toward maintaining a healthy and active life together. Here are a few items from the scale:

+ I feel confident that we will have a long and healthy life together. 

- I wish my partner would take better care of himself/herself. 

+ We both feel it is important to have an active and healthy lifestyle. 

-  My partner has some unhealthy habits that concern me. 

+ We generally have good health and wellness habits.

While this may not significantly change your training, it is a valuable addition to the assessment and an important topic of discussion for Facilitators to address with couples. It provides Facilitators with a starting point to encourage couple discussion on potential issues and establish positive wellness habits early on, with the hope of enjoying a long and healthy life together.

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