When you forgive or are forgiven by your partner, do you experience a sense of relief?

Forgiveness is the decision or choice to give up the right for vengeance, retribution, and negative thoughts, and is the starting point for healing and reconciliation. Forgiveness can facilitate a process that promotes healing and relief when working through deep hurts.

Communication is key in discussing everyday lack of thoughtfulness and deep routed hurt but most importantly, putting effort into the process of forgiveness can bring about positive change.

Discuss the following with your partner:

  • When you forgive or are forgiven by your partner, do you experience a sense of relief? If so, describe to your partner what this sense of relief feels like.
  • Discuss what the most difficult part of forgiveness is for you.
  • What are the easiest things to forgive and what are the hardest?
  • How is forgiving your partner different or similar to forgiving another member of your family?

If forgiveness seems unachievable, it’s okay to direct couples to professional help.

Tune in for more tips next week.

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