The earlier the Better: Encouraging couples to take PREPARE/ENRICH

Encourage couples that are thinking about or planning their marriage to see the value of taking Prepare earlier rather than later in the marriage planning process.

Be prepared to explain exactly what the full process of taking PREPARE involves and how it is meant to work. Be prepared to share your own reasons for offering PREPARE: Why do you see it as a valuable tool and how has it helped other couples you have worked with?

Carefully explain the process to couples so that they will not be defensive or feel threatened. Welcome their questions and clarify any uncertainties that they might have. Help them to become aware of, and excited about what PREPARE can achieve for them and... earlier the better.

When you receive the Report

Please don't just put the Report aside when it is sent back to you from our office. It is all too easy to forget to review the Report well before the couple meet with you for feedback. You will then lose the benefit of being aware of the main themes, trends and patterns that apply to the couple and being able to reflect on the best ways of working with the couple in a relaxed and thoughtful fashion.

Please don't allow yourself to get into the situation where you have a couple sitting with you and you are seeing the report for the first time, or even discovering that you can't find or don't have the Report. Imagine what the couple will think about your professionalism.

Please do make sure that you review the Report well before the couple come for their first feedback session. Having the knowledge on the "backburner" means that you have the time to process that knowledge carefully, almost unconsciously, without it being a rushed, stressful and potentially incomplete exercise...earlier the better.

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