When you forgive or are forgiven by your partner, do you experience a sense of relief?

Forgiveness is the decision or choice to give up the right for vengeance, retribution, and negative thoughts, and is the starting point for healing and reconciliation. Forgiveness can facilitate a process that promotes healing and relief when working through deep hurts.

Communication is key in discussing everyday lack of thoughtfulness and deep routed hurt but most importantly, putting effort into the process of forgiveness can bring about positive change.

Putting effort into the process of forgiveness can bring about positive change

If you exaggerated the act of forgiving in your relationship for a period of time – even just a week – you may see how often it happens. Here’s an example: you forget to start the dishwasher after dinner and there are no clean coffee cups for your partner to have their morning cup of coffee… you take responsibility for your action and apologise. Your partner acknowledges your efforts and forgives you, and then you forgive yourself. By going through the amplified motions, you’ll see how effortlessly you already incorporate forgiveness into your relationship.

Relationship dynamics: How Do Satisfied and Unsatisfied Couples Score in These Areas?

Based on research, PREPARE/ENRICH has discovered that there is a positive cycle linking assertiveness and self-confidence and a negative cycle linking avoidance and perceived dominance.

International Women's Day 2021: #ChooseToChallenge

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

When you create your goals, make sure they are realistic and clearly stated

This year, my wife and I have set goals for ourselves individually, as a couple, family goals and work goals. Sure, COVID and the usual hiccups and distractions have gotten in the way... but our review cycle and progress tracking has remained unchanged. We continue to discuss progress in all the obvious areas such as finances, career, sex, time together, time with friends and family... but what we always find is that our couple goals are what makes up most of the discussion.

Is conflict resolution a possible Strength Area for a couple?

Conflict Resolution is a couples ability to discuss and resolve differences and is also how effectively they are able to share opinions, ideas, and feelings with their partner, even during times of conflict.

Poor Conflict Resolution can become more problematic over time

Conflict Resolution is your ability to discuss and resolve differences. Also how effectively you are able to share opinions, ideas, and feelings with your spouse, even during times of conflict.

How does non-verbal communication contribute to dealing with conflict?

Choose your attitude and behaviour, communicate openly and consider your non-verbal stance, expression and situation. This creates trust and intimacy.

Accountability can be the reason couples fail to reach a particular outcome

When couples put effort towards something, it can be helpful to foresee outcomes. Whether they work through the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment results in its entirety or section by section, articulating outcomes now and being mindful of them along the way will help guide toward finding success through this journey.

Next time a conflict comes up, take time to discuss how you dealt with the disagreement

Since it often takes time to learn new strategies and because conflicts organically develop, make a commitment to evaluate your next conflict.

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