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Navigating Problems Associated with Unrealistic Expectations - Anticipate a Surprise, the inventory may reveal a potentially problematic assumption

When couples hit the inevitable challenges of marriage, they may be tempted to believe that they have made a mistake and “the one” must still be out there somewhere. The truth is there are likely several people on this earth with whom one could have a successful relationship.
Almost intoxicated by love, engaged couples are often known for being infatuated with one another. They tend to be confident that they’ll never have problems or that existing problems will just fade away with time, they’ll never question their love, never experience a drop in romance, and already know everything there is to know about their partner. They truly are love struck.

Win-Win Communication: What is your common style?

What is your communication style? Generally, there are four common styles:

How PREPARE/ENRICH works for couples with ethnic and cultural differences

Did you know that in 2016, 31.6% of couples married were born in different countries, and 13.9% were born in the same overseas country. 54.5% of couples married were both born in Australia (ABS, 2016).

Setting couple goals for 2018

This year, my wife and I have set goals for ourselves individually, as a couple, family goals and work goals.

Poor Conflict Resolution can become more problematic over time and affect other areas of your relationship such as closeness and communication

Conflict Resolution is your ability to discuss and resolve differences. Also how effectively you are able to share opinions, ideas, and feelings with your spouse, even during times of conflict.

Great speakers announced. Early bird registration now open! The Marriage and Relationship Educators Association of Australia (MAREAA) invites you to join the 2017 MAREAA National Conference, Melbourne

Register now to join the peak marriage and relationship educators conference exploring the well-being of Children, Men and Women, Families and Communities.

Working With The Family and Friends Category

A research study in the USA examined the family and friendship networks of newly married couples at three occasions: when applying for a marriage license, at the first anniversary, and at the second year anniversary. (Kearns, J., & Leonard, K. “Social Networks, Structural Interdependence, and Marital Quality Over the Transition to Marriage: A Prospective Analysis” Journal of Family Psychology, 18 (2), 2004, 383–395.).

Marriage Mentoring: a resource motivated and excited to help guide premarital and newlywed couples through the challenges of beginning a new life together

Marriage mentoring is a couple-to-couple relationship that seeks to help couples live out their vision for marriage. For couples who are intent on building a happy marriage, mentoring brings sage advice, personal support and encouragement, and help in hard times.  

Couple Assessment: a financial and emotional investment

When couples pay for their couple assessment experience, it often assumes greater value and drives deeper engagement in the process. 

Encourage development of new skills: good listening skills and constructive ways of handling conflict can change a relationship

In 2002 Michelle Simons and Robyn Parker wrote an article in which relationship education services in Australia were reviewed (Relationship education services. Family Matters, 2002, 63, 77-79).  They wrote:

"The use of inventories differs from structured programs largely in scale, and while at least two thirds of inventory users indicate that skills training is incorporated into sessions with couples, it would appear that the amount of skills training is rather limited in the majority of cases. This, along with issues relating to follow up and evaluation of inventory-based service activities, is an issue worthy of further attention."

15 years later, the challenges contained in this statement are just as timely.

There are three worthwhile challenges to PREPARE/ENRICH facilitators worth noting:

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