Win-Win Communication: What is your common style?

What is your communication style? Generally, there are four common styles:

Intentional Parenting: 8 ways to be intentional with the time you have to spend with your family - Prepare a meal and eat together

Here are a few ideas which may get you thinking of how you can do “small things often” and turn towards your partner to show them you are loving them intentionally. In turn these small things will add to your emotional bank account, deposits that create a stronger bond in your partnership.

Working with Re-Marrying Couples

A review of the research literature from 1980 to the present on the premarital predictors of re-marrying couples' relationship satisfaction and quality (Falk & Larson, 2007) concluded that the major factors predicting lower re-marriage quality include:

interracial couple_feedbacksession_resized
  • the roles of stepchildren
  • stepfamily complexity
  • emotional attachment to an ex-spouse
  • serial marriage (a history of re-marriage)
  • economic strain

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