A Customised Assessment for the many variations of Couples Completing the CheckUp Process

We know couple relationships are quite complex and take on many variations such as dating, engaged, cohabiting, married, blended families and older couples. Instead of there being one standard Couple Checkup tool, there are many variations of the assessment that different couples will experience as they progress through the checkup process. This ensures maximum relevance for each couple’s relationship needs. 

Empowering Couples by Building on Strengths rather than dealing only with conflict and distress

The Couple Checkup builds on the strength model, which has become increasingly popular in a variety of professional disciplines including psychology, industrial consulting and couple and family studies. Instead of focusing on issues, there is a growing trend to introduce a more positive perspective building on strengths.

Early Detection, Prevention and Education are Crucial in Identifying Issues and Learning ways to Resolve them

Prevention is an important model over a variety of disciplines, including medical care, dental care and mental health issues. Early cancer detection is a good example of the value of the preventative approach in reducing the mortality rates of cancer patients. Early screening helped to increase the five-year survival rate for breast cancer which is largely due to the acceptance and application of early detection techniques,
such as regular mammograms and educating women to perform monthly self-exams. 

Couple Driven Versus the Facilitator/Educator Driven Model for Couples

PREPARE/ENRICH requires a certified facilitator/educator (counselor, clergy, mentor couple) to manage the process in terms of administration, scoring, and payment for the assessment. The trained facilitator/educator receives the computer report and provides feedback to the couple based on their results, but the report is meant for the trained facilitator/educator to interpret and retain. It is a facilitator/educator-controlled and facilitated process from start to finish.

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