Couple closeness helps lower levels of depression and anxiety and assists to heighten self-esteem

A study of 1,532 older married persons in the US examined the relationships between emotional dimensions of marriage and aspects of personal functioning.

Work patterns and parenting: working non-day shifts may be a risk factor for depressive symptoms and relationship conflict

A 2007 study in the USA examined how the work hours, work schedules, and role overload of working - class couples might be related to the occurrence of depressive symptoms and relationship conflict as couples move into becoming parents.

Does marriage commitment lead to a more Vitalised relationships?

With the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH, a new section of questions was created addressing the Commitment levels for both partners. We recently began analysing some of the data gathered from married couples. We combined their commitment scores and created cutoffs for high, moderate, and low commitment levels. When we looked at the Couple Typology, which is calculated independently from commitment scores, the results were striking!

Self disclosure leads to higher levels of intimacy and greater partner awareness 

These comments about the place of self-disclosure in intimate relationships are worth contemplating:

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