Nine things successful couples do differently - they know exactly how far they have left to go

Successful couples review their plan and have an honest and regular look at their progress. They understand that they may need to adjust their behaviour or strategy to ensure they reach their goals.

Nine things successful couples do differently - They seize the moment to act on their goals

Successful couples act on their plan and strive to meet their goals today. 

Nine things successful couples do differently - They are specific

Good, open, regular communication is the answer to a successful marriage - but you already knew that! Whilst the absence of communication may be a leading cause of divorce, fulfilling a couples wedding vows is easier if their marriage is based on open communication. Learning to communicate well with each other is not as easy as it sounds, but it can help resolve problems before they start to affect their marriage.

Tips for PREPARE/ENRICH facilitators: Navigating Problems Associated with Unrealistic Expectations - Consider the Context

When couples hit the inevitable challenges of marriage, they may be tempted to believe that they have made a mistake and “the one” must still be out there somewhere. The truth is there are likely several people on this earth with whom one could have a successful relationship.

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