Where is my Soul Mate: The Problem with Unrealistic Expectations (Part V)

When couples hit the inevitable challenges of marriage, they may be tempted to believe that they have made a mistake and “the one” must still be out there somewhere. The truth is there are likely several people on this earth with whom one could have a successful relationship.

Failure to deal with relevant issues: The Problem with Unrealistic Expectations (Part IV)

It may be no surprise that seriously dating and engaged couples are more prone to “agree” or “strongly agree” with statements such as “We are as happy as any couple could possibly be!”

Set up to take a fall: The Problem with Unrealistic Expectations (Part III)

Passionate romance always fades or at least changes to something less intense over time. All couples will face challenges and problems at some point in their relationship but understanding that the journey will not always be plain sailing is important to ensure couples pick up the warning signs and guard themselves against unexpected situations.

Moving too quickly: Exploring Unrealistic Expectations of Marriage (Part II)

If a couple believes that nothing could cause them to question their love and already know everything there is to know, why wait? Some couples move too quickly towards engagement and marriage, not allowing themselves time to really get to know one another.

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