Conflict in relationships is inevitable: Crack a joke

You can try to avoid conflict by tamping down negative emotions and brushing seemingly minor issues under the rug, but at some point, they will come back to bite you. Many times this is in the form of a blowup that is completely disproportional to whatever seemed to trigger it. You end up fighting not only about the topic at hand but ten other previously unaddressed issues as well.

Conflict in relationships is inevitable: Exercise good communication skills

Maintain good eye contact, use “I” statements, identify feelings, and use active listening.

Conflict in relationships is inevitable: Be specific

Avoid generalisations such as “You always forget our plans,” or “You never listen to me!” Focus on a specific behavior or action and how it affects you.

Conflict in relationships is inevitable: Speak respectfully

Avoid name-calling or hurtful words that you may regret later. Hurling insults is likely to move your partner to be defensive and potentially create lasting wounds.

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