Marriage presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for couples. Design of the Customised Version (Married Couples)

Married Couples enjoy the many benefits of married life together, but they also face the daily challenges of communicating effectively and resolving the issues involved with running a household, parenting children, and managing finances.

Are you engaged and prepared for the eventualities of marriage? Couple assessment provides insights and discoveries that can last a lifetime.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Customised Version integrates the multiple versions of the previous inventories into one dynamic system automatically tailored to assess the relevant stage and structure of a couple’s relationship. Unlike previous assessment tools that assess overall couple functioning across a predefined inventory or set of scales, the Customised Version is dynamically generated based on the individual characteristics of each couple.

R U OK? Dealing with Abuse Issues

The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment contains several questions dealing with abuse. The first three items deal with alcohol and drug use by parents, partner and the individual. The next four questions focus on a variety of abuse (verbal, emotional, physical and sexual) between parents, by parent, by partner and by others. The last two questions ask about unhealthy sexual behavior and use of pornography.

Taking time out for couples can help to think productively again about how to approach the issue they face

Some conflicts become heated as levels of anger and frustration rise. Rather than speaking assertively, partners begin to accuse, criticize, or yell. Rather than listening actively, partners interrupt, belittle, and ignore.

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