PREPARE/ENRICH: Stress - Wedding Stress

Differences and disagreements are as inevitable in wedding planning as they are in marriage itself and this is a good time to learn how to deal with them.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Seeking and Granting Forgiveness

All couples eventually experience times of conflict, hurt, and letting each other down. Sometimes the offense is as minor as forgetting a date or failing to run an errand. For some couples, the offense might involve a major betrayal such as infidelity, addiction, or abuse. Either way, taking time to seek and grant forgiveness can play a powerful role in healing and restoring the relationship.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Conflict - How to take time out

Some conflicts become heated as levels of anger and frustration rise. Rather than speaking assertively, partners begin to accuse, criticize, or yell. Rather than listening actively, partners interrupt, belittle, and ignore.

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