In a recent survey of couples completing PREPARE/ENRICH, 82% saw homework as a meaningful part of the program and 91% recommended that the skills should be continued to be developed in their relationship.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Tips & Reminders

A "Facilitator Feedback Guide" which outlines 8 feedback sessions is available when you log in under "Standard Feedback Materials". This guide provides an example of how to organise feedback sessions with your couple, by listing topic areas as well as corresponding Workbook and Homework pages.

PREPARE/ENRICH: Dealing with Conflict

When you are working with couples’ and the area of conflict resolution, it might be useful to encourage couples to think about how they interpret the reasons for any unhelpful behaviours or attitudes that their partner might be engaging in or expressing.

PREPARE/ENRICH: helping couples communicate more effectively

In a recent survey of couples completing PREPARE/ENRICH, over 70% felt that it helped them communicate in a more positive way. Those surveyed felt that by being more sensitive to their partners feelings helped improve communication, increased their skills at resolving differences and motivated them fully positively in the program.

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