Women report slightly higher stress levels than men: Stress either begins or ends up in the relationship (Part 4)

Whilst it is virtually impossible to avoid stress in modern society, men and women tend to report slightly different sources of stress.

Male/Female Differences
On average, the data shows women report slightly higher stress levels than men. Many couples are not aware of how much stress their partner is feeling, nor are they aware of one another’s sources of their stress. The data suggests men in all stages are stressed about jobs, finances, and their partner. While the women highlight some of those stressors, they also report they have Too much to do around the home and are often Feeling overweight. Notice the item, Feeling emotionally upset, makes the top 5 for both men and women in the dating and married relationship stages, but does not make the top 5 for men and women who are engaged. Below is a summary of the top 5 stressors for men and women broken down by relationship stage.

  • Dating Men Top 5 Stressors
    Your job; Inadequate income; Your partner; Feeling emotionally upset and Job security
  • Dating Women Top 5 Stressors
    Feeling emotionally upset; Your job; Too much to do around the home; Feeling overweight; Your partner
  • Engaged Men Top 5 Stressors
    Your job; Financial concerns; Fiancé stressed out by wedding planning; Lack of exercise; Lack of sleep
  • Engaged Women Top 5 Stressors
    Financial concerns; Your job; Cost of wedding; Lack of exercise; Decisions about wedding details
  • Married Men Top 5 Stressors
    Your spouse; Your job; Inadequate income; Feeling emotionally upset; and Job security.
  • Married Women Top 5 Stressors
    Your spouse; Feeling emotionally upset; Your job; Too much to do around the home; Feeling overweight

PREPARE/ENRICH Couple Exercises
The Couple’s Workbook includes three exercises devoted specifically to the topic of stress.

  • The first, Identifying Most Critical Issues, is a core exercise designed to help couples take a logical approach to prioritizing the issues they face and consider what they can actually change as they work together.
  • The Balancing Your Priorities exercise functions almost like a time budget, allowing couples to explore how balanced they are between work, personal, marriage and family demands. It also helps them set goals for making adjustments to their daily time demands.
  • Finally, the Wedding Stress exercise presents important insight in the form of five helpful strategies for dealing with the issues that naturally arise when planning a wedding.

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