Stress either begins or ends up in the relationship (Part 2)

In today’s fast paced society, it is impossible to avoid stress in our lives. Stressors being external events which cause an emotional or physical reaction can be handled in 2 basic ways:

  • Eliminate the stressor or
  • Change one’s reaction to stress.

When a stressor cannot be eliminated, it is important to look at how one reacts or copes in response to the stressor. Learning and using healthy coping mechanisms can help individuals respond to stress in healthier ways.

Personal Stress Profile
The Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH incorporates a 25-item stress checklist adapted from the Coping and Stress Profile, which was originally developed by David Olson and Ken Stewart at the University of Minnesota in 1995. The 25 items were chosen from their original list of 50 personal stressors faced by most individuals in our modern culture.

While taking the inventory, individuals are directed to read through the checklist and indicate how often each of the 25 items has caused them stress over the past year. The five point response scale ranges from “Never” to “Very Often”. Based on the responses, a Personal Stress Profile is generated and displays each partner’s individual stress level and the top ten stressors for each individual. An item must be checked as being stressful “Sometimes”, “Often”, or “Very Often” to be included in a top ten list.

Customised Version Tailored to Relationship Stage
A defining feature in the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH involves content being tailored to fit the stage of the couple, and this approach is used for the Personal Stress Profile as well. There are dating, engaged, and married versions of the stress checklists which are automatically selected as the couple answers the initial background questions in their inventory.

Tune in for part 3 next week - the top 5 stressors for couples.

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