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As shown in a previous article, there can be little doubt that the experience of family of origin is an important area for investigation among couples taking PREPARE. A booklet by Dr Alan Craddock (National Coordinator of PREPARE-ENRICH Australia and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, The University of Sydney) has been written solely for PREPARE-ENRICH Administrators.  This booklet is entitled Origins: Family Experiences of premarital Couples and has three main aims:

1. To identify the different types of premarital couples in a large national sample of Australian couples participating in the PREPARE program. In particular, the aim is to identify and explore the main differences between highly satisfied (vitalised) and more troubled (conflicted) premarital couples.

2. To examine the differences in family background of vitalised versus conflicted premarital couples in the National sample. Of major interest is any link between negative experiences within family of origin in the past (separateness, rigidity and exposure to abuse) and present difficulties in couple relationship.

3. To explore the practical implications of these findings, particularly when working with conflicted premarital couples. General strategies for working with conflicted couples are also described.

The study represents the drawing together of trends and patterns identified in the data from over 500 Australian PREPARE couples, with a view to identifying areas for work with conflicted premarital couples. These areas for work are not based on biased speculation but are identified by means of careful investigation of the research data. An addendum is included in which the relevance of this material to the Customised Version is described.

Origins: Family Experiences of premarital Couples is available for purchase for $12 (including postage and GST).

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