Top 5 Misunderstandings about the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH (3)

Myth 3: Using the online system is not as secure.

Answer: The PREPARE/ENRICH website is secure, with password protected access to the sections where couple results are managed.


  1. All data on PREPARE/ENRICH servers is encrypted, password protected, and securely stored without identifiable information on particular couples.
  2. PREPARE/ENRICH does not collect or store your couple’s last names or mailing addresses.
  3. First names and email addresses are optional. When adding a couple, facilitators can use couples nicknames, initials, or simply “male” and “female”. Instead of entering the couple’s email addresses, you can enter your own email and have the login information sent directly to you, at which point you can print or forward the login information to the couple yourself. You can track and identify your couples by their unique login code assigned by the system as you register them for the inventory.
  4. You can now change your own password when you're logged into the facilitator site.
  5. Never give your Facilitator I.D. number and Password to couples. You login to to register them and the system generates a unique login for each couple. They then login at a separate site

At PREPARE/ENRICH Australia we are committed to providing quality resources for marriage preparation and relationship enrichment. Any questions, please contact us.

Tune in for myth 4 next week.

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