Top 5 Misunderstandings about the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH (2)

Myth 2: I will somehow lose personal contact with my couples if I have them take the inventory online.

Answer: You can still meet with your couples to initiate the process and get them registered to take the online version. The only difference is you do not need to “monitor” them as they complete the assessment. Once they have finished, your Facilitator’s Report is available for you to print immediately, along with a new Couple’s Report they can keep and the Couple’s Workbook with over 20 feedback exercises for you to go through with your couple.


  1. The couple will not receive any feedback on their results unless it flows through you, their facilitator. They cannot access or print a copy of their results until you provide them with a copy of the Couple’s Report.
  2. The Customised Version offers even more couple exercises to choose from as you go through the results with your couples.
  3. While the Couple Checkup ( is a more direct-to-couples approach, the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH maintains a strict facilitator based feedback model.

At PREPARE/ENRICH Australia we are committed to providing quality resources for marriage preparation and relationship enrichment. Any questions, please contact us.

Tune in for myth 3 next week.

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