In a recent survey of couples completing PREPARE/ENRICH, 82% saw homework as a meaningful part of the program and 91% recommended that the skills should be continued to be developed in their relationship.

Between facilitation sessions it is recommended to assign couples homework to continue to practice the skills that are being covered. Homework can be done on a current topic or one which will be addresses in the next session. Be aware that some of the exercises are building awareness of self and of their partner, so ensure the homework is light enough that it will encourage discussion.

Take approximately 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each session to check in with the couple how their homework experience has gone and answer any new questions that have arisen. It is often helpful to repeat/review certain concepts and skills.

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PREPARE/ENRICH is a customised online assessment tool that identifies each couples unique strength and growth areas. Based on their assessment results, a facilitator provides feedback sessions, helping couples to discuss and understand their results while teaching them proven relationship skills.

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