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Building strong marriages

Building strong marriages and healthy relationships Since 1979

Prepare-Enrich Australia has provided training coordination and quality administration and development services since 1979, supporting its mission to build strong marriages and healthy

Group Discussions

Bringing couples together for vibrant group discussions

The PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program has a format that is adaptable and easy to implement into any type of couple group.

Best Relationship Assessment and skill

Do you use the Best Relationship Assessment and skill-building tools?

PREPARE/ENRICH is custom tailored to a couple's relationship and provides couple exercises to build their relationship skills. Learn more and get trained!

Parenting Style

Providing insight into your Parenting Style, Family Dynamics and Couple Relationship.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Parenting Version guides couples through the challenges of parenting and the intersection of marital and parental dynamics, raising awareness and building relationship skills.

Ready to take PREPARE/ENRICH?

Improve your relationships skills whilst exploring your strength and growth areas. Learn about major research findings on topics such as Communication, Conflict Resolution and Stress Management.

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Couples Workshop: Are you dating, engaged, married or remarrying?

Learn new skills to rejuvenate your relationship!

Learn how to talk to each other in a deeper way, build greater trust with your partner and enjoy a more intimate relationship.


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Resources for facilitators, couples and families


Video: Explains Marriage and Relationship Education

New video covers what Marriage and Relationship Education is, what a program can look like, the topics covered and how to find a course or facilitator.


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Couples being encouraged to participate in the prepare program often ask what the benefits of doing so what be. Several years ago, Scott M. Stanley (Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Denver) reviewed a wide range of theoretical and research publications and argued in a significant policy paper that engaging in broadly applied premarital education can lead to significant effects.

Four key benefits of premarital education were identified:

  1. it can slow couples down to foster deliberation
  2. it sends a message that marriage matters
  3. it can help couples learn of options if they need help later
  4. it can lower some couples’ risks for subsequent marital distress or termination provided that the program has evidence of effectiveness associated with it (as is the case for the Prepare programs)

These observations represent a good clear summary of benefits that could be shared with couples when Administrators are encouraging couples to participate in premarital education programs.

Reference: Scott M. Stanley (2001). Making A Case for Premarital Education.Family Relations, 50, 272–280.

Source: Marriage and Relationship Educators Association Australia

New facilitators

PREPARE/ENRICH online self-directed training course for new facilitators

The Online Self Training includes access to the content you need to become proficient in the use of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program. Learn to administer the inventories, interpret reports, and give feedback using skills building exercises.

PREPARE/ENRICH Online Self Training covers 12 comprehensive sections, including a Resource Guide outline (PDF), video instruction, and video clips of PREPARE/ENRICH founder, David Olson, providing feedback to a couple. Each section ends with a 5-item quiz based on the content covered.

With the Online Training, you'll receive:

  • 1 Complimentary Scoring
  • Resource Guide - Training Outlines
  • PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator's Manual
  • PREPARE/ENRICH Couple's Workbook
  • Sample Facilitator's Report
  • Sample Couple's Report
  • Access to all training videos
  • Option to attend Going Deeper, a follow-up Training day that includes further skills training and practice opportunities for working with feedback techniques and workbook exercises.

After completing the Online training, you will be certified to use the PREPARE/ENRICH Program with both premarital and married couples.

Who may train to administer the inventories?

Persons working with couples (eg. marriage celebrants, educators, counsellors) who already have formal training as a Pastor, priest, minister, rabbi; Counsellor/Psychologist; Educator; Social Worker; or Worker trained in another relevant human resource discipline 

...and Lay people, who also have training in the above areas, nominated by, approved by, and supervised by and accountable to leaders of the institution (eg. clergy, pastors, priests) within which they will work.

The Online Training is currently available in English only. PREPARE/ENRICH is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Korean, Romanian, and Spanish.

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Cost: $350 per person

Family Walking

The PREPARE/ENRICH Parenting Program is here!

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The Parenting Version of PREPARE/ENRICH is designed to guide couples through the emotions of parenting by empowering them with insight into their parenting style, family dynamics, and couple relationship. The Parenting Version is best used with any committed couple whose primary concerns are children and parenting issues. While the Parenting Version does assess some relational constructs (communication, conflict resolution, finances, partner styles & habits, and relationship dynamics), the main focus is on parenting issues.

The goals of the Parenting Version include:

  • Explore strengths and growth areas as partners and parents;
  • Strengthen communication with your partner and children;
  • Identify and manage parenting stress;
  • Discuss parenting styles and how you work together as a team;
  • Resolve couple and parenting issues; and
  • Increase parenting confidence and satisfaction.
Getting Started
  • To get started with the Parenting Version of PREPARE/ENRICH, you will need to become PREPARE/ENRICH Certified by attending a Workshop.
  • Once trained, Contact Us to activate the Parenting Version in your facilitator account.

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Take the power of the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and feedback exercises into a group setting for dating, engaged, married or mixed-stage couples.

  • Maximize your time and impact by bringing couples together for vibrant group discussions covering the core topics that predict marriage success.
  • Build community and connections among your couples with this fun and thought provoking group process.
  • Use the same administration process and Couple's Workbook exercises you already know and understand.
  • Available in English only at this time.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program has a format that is adaptable and easy to implement into any type of couple group. Upgrade your PREPARE/ENRICH account and you'll receive online access to the Instructor's Guide (PDF), a new Couple's Report - Group Edition, and an Instructor's PowerPoint. When offering PREPARE/ENRICH in a group format, you will use these resources to encourage discussion and effectively structure the feedback for a group setting.

A recent independent study found couples who participated in a PREPARE/ENRICH group program exhibited positive gains in knowledge, felt more confident in their relationship, engaged in more positive conflict management behaviors, and felt more satisfied with their relationship. Plus, the benefits for those completing the group process were just as powerful as those who completed the feedback privately with a facilitator (Futris and colleagues, 2011).

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PREPARE/ENRICH, Australia has officially launched the Facilitator Support Group on Facebook and we invite you to join us: PREPARE/ENRICH, Australia Facilitator Support Group.

The group is a closed group only available to facilitators. Only group members see the posts. We will use this Facebook group to share and keep you up-to-date with information and news about PREPARE/ENRICH and to allow facilitators to interact and discuss issues relevant to PREPARE/ENRICH facilitation. Email: to join or request to join via Facebook.

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Are you Dating, Engaged or Married? Want to Improve your Relationship Skills whilst exploring Strengths and Growth areas?

The PREPARE/ENRICH program is designed to assist a variety of professionals (mainly counsellors, educators, clergy and religious celebrants) working with dating, engaged, married and mature couples. Professionals who have been trained and accredited to use the PREPARE/ENRICH materials in Australia are called Facilitators. For a couple, after being invited to participate and having the program explained to them, the first step is to take online the Customised Version of PREPARE/ENRICH in order to provide a self-report description of their relationship.

The program has these goals:

  1. To explore Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas;
  2. To learn Assertiveness and Active Listening Skills;
  3. To learn how to resolve conflict;
  4. To help the couple discuss their Family-of-Origin;
  5. To help the couple cope better with stressors;
  6. To focus on personal, couple and family goals.

As well as providing important demographic and background information for a couple, 22 areas are assessed and individual and couple responses in these areas are summarised in reports made available to the Facilitator.

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